Living is not only about inhaling and exhaling the air of life. True living is leading your lifestyle in the pink of health absorbing the goodness from the energy around, and spreading the joys from the brightness of your smile. We make that change in you. Our fine locations and wonderful amenities together conquer your holiday at Bopath falls, assuring it to be the best holiday you will spent among the lush foliage and the ring of Blue Mountain tops.

Following are some of our amenities, to make your Bopath falls moments to be irresistibly engaging.

Badminton Court

While the greenery and its fine freshness inject new life to you, why not pump your blood circulation in a fine game of Badminton? Enjoy a game of Badminton under the influence of beautiful surroundings, which will no doubt make you feel absolutely wonderful. Allow yourself to unleash your gaming spirit, with fellow residents or your very own family members.

Private Bathing area adjoining the falls

No matter what people say, there is nothing exciting as the freedom we enjoy bathing in a natural water bed. Recognising this natural instinct, we have prepared a private, clean bathing place right near the enchanting water fall.

Kiddies Play Area

We all know that kids are tough to handle. Especially when the surrounding environment is inviting for chaos, it takes all of your energy to restrain them. To help all the parents to enjoy the best holiday in our wonderful chalets, we have allocated kiddies play area, where the kids of same age can play, share and enjoy the time spent at our place.

Outdoor Cabana

Come take a breather from these calming surroundings, while cosying outside in one of our outdoor cabanas. While assuring total privacy at the cabana, be not afraid as we are always at your beck and call for your essentials.

Swimming pool

Our infinite pool is always inviting to thrill your stay. Play to your heart’s content and enjoy your stay to the maximum. Come take a breather from these calming surroundings, submerged in the cool waters.


Tea Tour

Tea is a marvel in the area of Rathnapura. And tea estates are the magnifications attached to this city. Hidellana is one such tea plantation where the factory is also stated in the middle. And yes, it’s included in to our excursion list where you are going to visit as an addition for visiting our hotel.

Pilgrime Tour

We arrange Pilgrim tours for the pilgrims around the area where you can examine the culture and gather the legend of the Sri Lankan past by digging up the clues concealed in such places. The places you are going to visit are mentioned bellow.

  • Diwaguhawa cave temple
  • Delgamuwa temple
  • Samandewalaya

You are getting the wonderful opportunity to behold the enchantments of the miraculous nature when you visit us. You will be trekking to Bopath ella, the chief attraction around Kuruwita Area and Dodan Ella, one of the most magnificent falls in the area. And yes, you’ll get to experience adventure and thrill combined in these journeys.

Water Falls Tour

It’s our duty not to miss the other captivating waterfalls which flow gracefully down from the mountains. The following places will be visited by you in our excursions.

  • Dodan ella
  • Sudagala ella
  • dehena ella
  • katugas ella
  • sudagala ell
  • wellawala ella
Gem Tour

How would you like to see the birth of the gem stone embedded in your necklace? We will take you to see how the gem mining is done. Also you can behold the glory at gem museum & gem market in Rathnapura.